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axitrap is a simulation tool for bare and catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) covering filtration efficiency, pressure drop, and catalytic reactions. Sitting on more than 12 years of continuous developments and testing at industrial level, axitrap represents the state-of-the-art in DPF modeling. Using sophisticated 3-dimensional heat and mass transfer models coupled with suitable reaction schemes for soot oxidation, axitrap is able to fulfill a wide range of simulation tasks, including:

  • DPF regeneration management for complete and safe regenerations
  • effect of filter size, shape and material on pressure drop and safe soot limit
  • effect of inlet flow and temperature distribution on regeneration efficiency
  • effect of filter segmentation and cement properties on thermal stress
  • effect of catalyst coatings on soot regeneration and gaseous reactions
  • effect of catalyst zoning and impregnation uniformity  
  • effect of ash accumulation on pressure drop and regeneration behavior





axitrap user-friendly interface with built-in meshing procedures ensures effortless use by non CFD experts. Thanks to optimized numerical procedures, 3-dimensional simulations are run close to "real-time" on a single CPU. As an option, axitrap interfacing to commercial CFD is also available.