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Why axisuite?

Broad application range, extensively validated models, unparalleled model detail
axisuite supports a broad range of exhaust aftertreatment devices. axisuite models have been extensively validated in research and industrial projects since the early 1990s. The high level of model detail provides accurate predictive simulations of the physical and chemical processes in exhaust aftertreatment systems.

Direct link between fundamental research and software development
axisuite is being developed by a research team with long experience on exhaust aftertreatment modeling. Close collaboration with Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics, University of Thessaloniki, guarantees that axisuite models are always state-of the art.

Fast computation time
Thanks to its sophisticated numerical algorithms, axisuite is probably the fastest aftertreatment simulation software in the market. 1D driving cycle simulations on a 2010 laptop PC run ~50 times faster than real-time. Even 3D simulations run faster than real-time. With no compromises in model detail.

User-friendly interface
The graphical user interface and the built-in libraries enable the user to set-up a project, run the simulation and post-process the results in minutes.

Integration with third-party software
axisuite can be flexibly integrated in complete CAE solutions, through its coupling functionality with MATLAB/Simulink, commercial CFD packages, engine models and stress-analysis software.

Timely development, efficient technical support
New versions of axisuite are released twice a year, and additional „bug-fix“ versions are released when necessary. All support requests from our users are answered no later than 2 working days.