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Coupling with 3rd-party software

To increase the potential of simulating virtual exhaust lines, axisuite can be coupled with various 3rd-party software:


Process models
axisuite modules are available as MATLAB/Simulink S-Functions (optionally). This allows the user to

  • directly export axisuite simulation projects to Simulink models

  • use axisuite modules as Simulink blocks in Simulink-based simulation platforms


Computational Fluid Dynamics models
axitrap and axicat can be coupled with STAR-CD (optionally), either as user subroutines, or via the es-aftertreatment environment


Engine models
axisuite can be coupled with engine models based on the Simulink platform. The 2-way coupling allows axisuite to

  • receive the exhaust gas properties as input from the engine model

  • feedback the exhaust aftertreatment variables to the engine management model (e.g. simulated soot loading of a DPF to control DPF regeneration)

Stress analysis models
Stress analysis can be performed, since dynamis solver is integrated in axisuite (optionally).

In addition axisuite exports the 3D temperature field in NASTRAN format, that can be used from various software for stress-analysis (e.g. NASTRAN).

Post-processing and visualisation
axisuite includes a user-friendly built-in utility to create line graphs. To plot 2D or 3D fields, axisuite exports output files compatible with various 3rd-party visualization software (e.g. Tecplot, Femap, EnSight, ParaView, Surfer).