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Local distributors

Toyotsu Syscom Corporation, one of the largest companies in consulting services in information systems in Japan, is our official partner and axisuite distributor. The growing Japanese axisuite community can rely on our partnership for the highest level of user support.

FlexSci Ltd, one of the most dynamic CAE companies in China, is the official distributor of axisuite in Chinese market since November 2013. With an experienced network of more than 20 engineers, FlexSci is one of the leading independent engineering consultancies and simulating products providers.


Trinity Simulations, a company focused on development and sales of application specific CAE software tools and related services, is our official partner in India and USA. Trinity is working with premier brands in CAE software industry (FEA and CFD) to develop application focused CAE tools which help end users adopt these tools across their organization.


Thermal and Combustion Technology AB (T&CT AB), a consulting company based in Sweden, has joined our partners network since March 2015 and is the official Exothermia partner in Scandinavian countries. Dr. Shahrokh Hajireza, the founder of the company, has special expertise in the field of emission reduction and exhaust after-treatment technology, working with automotive OEMs and suppliers in Europe and US since 1994.


Insystec Inc is the preferred partner for the process and manufacturing industries in Asia, leveraging innovative technology solutions for superior customer profitability.


Technology partners

Exothermia SA is a Mathworks’ partner, providing the option for coupling axisuite with MATLAB/Simulink environment. This coupling is accomplished offering axisuite modules as Simulink Level 2 S-Functions and, thus, enabling the simulation of the exhaust line as an integrated system.


Exothermia SA collaborates with CD-adapco in the development of simulation tools that couple CFD software (StarCD, StarCCM+) with exhaust aftertreatment simulation. axicat and axitrap modules can be included as additional plug-ins in StarCD or StarCCM+ environment.


Exothermia SA is a software integration partner of ANSYS, offering co-simulation simulations for complex 3d reacting flow problems in exhaust after-treatment.


Academic partners

Aristotle University Thessaloniki (Greece)


Politecnico di Milano (Italy)


Larissa Technical Institution (Greece)


Queens University of Belfast (Ireland)


University of Birmingham (UK)


Loughborough University (UK)


University of Bradford (UK)


Graz University of Technology (Austria)


Waseda University (Japan)


Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi (India)

Ulm University (DE)

Alberta University (Canada)


Ohio State University (USA)


Tohoku University (Japan)