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EXOTHERMIA SA is a spin-off company of Aristotle University Thessaloniki, established in 2007 by members and researchers of the Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics (LAT).

The company's primary activity is the development and application of software tools for automotive aftertreatment systems simulations. The software products are based on the 20-years long experimental and simulation experience of LAT, obtained in close collaboration with major aftertreatment system suppliers and automotive OEMs.  

Apart from software licensing, the company offers continuous technical support, maintenance and upgrading, as well as possibilities for customization to the specific customer needs and undertaking of complete simulation case studies (e.g. model calibration and system design optimization).

The company's personell includes highly qualified PhD and MSc level scientists in the area of Mechanical, Chemical and Software engineering. The close link to LAT academic staff and its state-of-the-art experimental facilities guarantees scientific excellence and innovation.