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1 Synergetic DOC-DPF System Optimization Using Advanced Models (SAE 2017)
2 Modeling of the desulfation process in NOx storage and reduction catalysts (AIChE 2016)
3 Model Based Methodologies Supporting Real Driving Emissions Challenges (SIA 2015)
4 Model-based analysis of SCR-coated filters performance aspects (CLEERS 2015)
5 From detailed to real-time exhaust after-treatment models (SIA 2014)
6 Heat- and mass-transfer induced hysteresis effects during catalyst light-off testing (MODEGAT 2013)
7 Efficient CAE methods for the prediction of thermomechanical stresses during DPF regeneration (JSAE 2013)
8 SCR System Optimization and Control Supported by Simulation Tools (SAE 2013)
9 Cost-effective development of SCR and SCR coated filters via simulation (CTI-SCR 2013)
10 A modeling study of NH3 slip catalysts: analysis of SCR/PGM interactions (CAPoC 2012)
11 SCR system analysis and optimization via multi-scale simulation tools (CTI-SCR 2012)
12 Application of simulation tools in SCR optimization and control (MinNOx 2012)
13 Soot Mass Limit Prediction via Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Stress Analysis (CLEERS 2012)
14 Advanced DPF technologies with non-homogeneous wall structure (SAE 2012)
15 Dual-layer ammonia slip catalysts modeling [Cleers 2011]
16 Implications of Engine Start-Stop on After-Treatment Operation [SAE2011]
17 Evaluation of multi-functional deNOx systems [MinNOx 2010]
18 Innovative substrate for DPF applications [SAE2010]
19 Experimental procedures for model calibration [CLEERS 2010]
20 Applications of Multi-layer Catalyst Modeling in deNOx and DPF Systems [SAE 2010]
21 Design of integrated after-treatment systems assisted by advanced simulation tools
22 Modeling of Multi-Layer deNOx Systems [CLEERS 2009]
23 Flow Maldistribution Effects on DPF Performance [SAE 2009]
24 SCR system design/calibration in passenger cars [IQPC 2008]
25 De-NOx catalysts on DPF substrates [SIA 2008]
26 DPF Optimization of Catalyst Zoning [SAE 2008]
27 4-way catalyst modeling [CLEERS 2007]
28 DPF/SCR systems [SAE 2007]
29 Combined DPF-SCR systems [FAD 2007]
30 DPF Temperature Control [SAE 2007]
31 Diesel de-NOx models [MinNOx 2007]
32 Emission Optimization [VPC 2007]
33 Multi-dim. DPF models [CTI 2008]